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  • September 10 — Organizational Meeting

  • October 1 — Sarah Niebler (Vanderbilt University), “Dollars on the Sidewalk: Should U.S. Presidential Candidates Advertise in Uncontested States?”

  • October 8 — Terry Sullivan (University of North Carolina), “Regime, Routine, and Commitment in the American Presidency”

  • October 15 — Jacob Neiheisel (UW–Madison), “Party Brands in American Politics: Strategy, Communication, and Electoral Response”

  • October 22 — Yujin Kim (UW–Madison), “The Dynamics of Party Issue Reputations”

  • October 29 — Pär Jason Engle (UW–Madison), “The Automaticity of Partisanship and Political Ideas”

  • November 15 (Thursday, 11:45am–1pm) — Post-election round table with Craig Gilbert (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) and Charles Franklin (UW–Madison)

  • November 19 — Jowei Chen (University of Michigan), “The Effect of Electoral Geography on Competitive Elections and Partisan Gerrymandering”

  • November 26 — Marc Meredith (University of Pennsylvania), “The Politics of the Restoration of Ex-Felon Voting Rights: The Case of Iowa” (with Michael Morse)

  • December 3 — Jessica Weiss (Yale University) and Amber Wichowsky (Marquette University), “US–China Relations on the Campaign Trail: A Harbinger of Future Policy or Just Cheap Talk?” (joint with the International Relations Colloquium)

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